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Update number 1

But But, I loved
Published by Scott Denys in Writing updates · 18 January 2018
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I have written for a week and a half now.  This is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  It has been an interesting time in reality, but a most exciting time in But But, I Loved Land.

I want to first thank everyone who has signed up for a postcard book mark.  If you have not signed up for yours, please fill out the form on the main page of www.butbutiloved.com.  I will get that bookmark out pronto.  Second, if you and three of your friends sign up, I will send you an official But But I Loved pen with phone stylus.

When doing a paranormal mystery, there are two rules.  The first is there are no rules.  Paranormal events are based upon occurrences that are energy based  but virtually unprovable.  The second rule is to keep track of your paranormal concepts to make sure you do not violate your paranormal concepts.

While this sounds easy, it is easy to create an unjustified tangent.  This leads to reader confusion.  To combat this I will be doing many more periodic editing runs.

At this first reporting point I have set the stage and started our two main character introductions. This is  a character loosely based upon myself and our paranormal visitor.  When setting the stage, I am giving a description of some societal events, the reason for locating, and a description of the main story location.

Next, I have started writing the introduction. This has been exciting.  It has been a long time since I wrote any significant dialog between characters.  There is so much that the characters want to say, but as in life, they strategically hold back waiting for the right opening.  Add to that the paranormal experience, the conversation can get even more exciting.

Talk to you in the next report!



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Jana kaksch
24 Jan 2018
Dear scott what a wonderful idee to write the book. I can not wait to read more. Hope you are fine!Jana P.S: Do not forget....
25 Jan 2018
Got the pictures. Step 2 coming!
26 Jan 2018
Wonderful Can’t wait for step 2For 2 days something wired happened my work called and they ask me to help out for working couple month on a different ward. The ward is when patient come new out from prision. And they are looking for a second chief. What do you think should i try?
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