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About the Story

About the Story
It is said we are all put on the earth and at a specific location for a reason. Also said is that many of us have no clue what that reason is. There is the obvious in many cases, Wake up, get out of bed, kiss your spousal unit on the head if you have one, otherwise the cat or dog, perhaps raise children, take care of aging parents, and the like.

The year 2015-2016 was one of the most unique time periods in my life. I saw the economy in many’s real terms being such a bottom out that a middle kid with a unique perspective on life, never having run for office, throw his hat in the ring. So impressed was I that in my fun website, editorialpinups.com, with the help of a friend who is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and part time model, I represented the 17 Republican candidates in Yoga poses. Little did I know then that this was only the beginning.

To give an idea of the basics of the story, our lead character had been battling unemployment and a bad economy until right after the 2016 presidential election. Then opportunities started happening. He takes a job in another town which requires for the sake of sanity to get an apartment. A lady from the metaphysical world comes into his life. There is the direct mystery regarding her appearance, but there is also the conversation between the two that will hit upon current and past social events and situations, especially discussing the things that we are not to talk about at family gatherings. It is interesting the reaction she gives to some of the current topics.

The outcome of these conversations yields why she appeared and who she was in life.
After my first writing I had a friend and fellow writer do an edit run. Great ideas were presented and I put them in place.
We have finished writing. The novel is now in the process of being published. As I get the publishing information and target dates I will publish here. To keep your interest, I will be publishing a writing excerpt in the blog.

You can still get on the “But But I Loved” group email list. Don't forget the freebie that I will give you, a postcard style bookmark. Yep, free.

This site will continue to grow including updates on the progress of the book, artwork relating to the creation of the book, a blog so you may monitor and even offer suggestions. Future projects include adapting to a stay play and a movie.

"But But, I Loved", the Novel, almost out there!

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