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About the Author

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About the Author
Scott Denys was born in Chicago but promptly whisked away to the South Suburbs. This gave him a first hand look from the outside at the great city driven by the preponderance of governmental corruption.

In high school he dabbled with writing poetry, song lyrics, and newspaper stories. Denys enjoyed sitting back during lunch in the cafeteria listening to people talk. There were many stories to be heard. It was also at this time that his interest in computer programming grew.  Writing computer programs was like writing stories, with definite structure, punctuation, and clarity.

A graduate of Bradley University with a degree in Computer Science and a distraction in society, government, and people. Denys has been able to formulate insight into how both people think and how computers get programmed by how people think.  

His first writings were letters to the editor to the Peoria Journal Star and the Minneapolis Tribune.  Some writings were penned using the name, R. Jackson, Doobier.  

A 1992 free form gig at KMOM AM 1070 Monticello Minnesota let him hone his skills in writing with parody commercials, news story adaptations, and clarify poorly written AP news feeds. One of the items of focus was the healthcare funding situation brought on by Hillary Care which eventually landed him a seat at a Health Care Round-table put on by the St. Cloud Times.

Other activities in communication included Newspaper Reading for the blind, various on air and advertising sales functions at radio stations WGEN Geneseo, Illinois and WKEI Kewanee, Illinois. This led to the opportunity to be a correspondent for the Moline Illinois Dispatch covering small town councils and school boards.

August 1, 1996 he started a professional photography business specializing in Weddings, Swimsuit, Glamour and Senior portraits.  To get to know more about people he did a small tenure doing Church Directory portraiture.

His hallmark project since 2009 is as the photographer, writer, and publisher of the web site editorial-pinups.com.

Denys is also a professional wedding minister.

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